Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington uses different marine radios to provide coverage for all boats in the Manning River or out to sea off Crowdy Head.

The base uses VHF marine radios to cover the VHF safety and calling channel 16, the area repeater channel 21 and our local working channel 73
VHF radio can operate at a
A VHF Icom  radio which has DSC used on channels 16, 21 and 7
The base also uses 27MHz radios to monitor the safety and calling channel 88 and the working  channel 91.
Currently ACMA has proposed the Australian Waters Qualification (AQF) as an easy, short course program for obtaining a VHF licence which can be used anywhere in Australian Waters.
This course is not for international skippers.
Our base is proposing to provide training for skippers in the use of VHF radios so that they can operate their radios in accordance with ACMA regulation in our local waters.

Phonetic alphabet
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