Our Base
   Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington is a operational unit of Marine Rescue NSW and is located near the Harrington breakwall and the Harrington lagoon on Beach Street.
The base is manned by a skilled team of volunteers, who dedicate their time for safety on the water.

At the base the volunteer members operate radios to monitor boats in  the local area whilst on the water and to assist boats whenever they get into any kind of difficulty.

The radio operators accept calls from "skippers" as they log-in when they launch their boats.
All skippers are encouraged to log-in whenever they put their boats on the water and then log-off when they safely return.
If there ever is a problem our crews are summoned and a retrieval is organised by a very skilful team.

The base monitors "calling channel" VHF 16, and "working channel" VHF 73 and the repeater channel 21.
If skippers have difficulty receiving or transmitting on Channel 16 it is suggested that they try VHF channel 21.
The base also monitors 27 MHz calling channel 88 and working channel 91.
The base opens seven days a week from 0600 (6am) until 1800 (6pm) each day
During the summer time the base offers extended operating hours from 0500 to 1800