Willyweather provides details of the local weather, tides and forecast for Crowdy Bay and Harrington.
Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington will shortly provide a current up to the minute weather broadcast from our base in Harrington and the weather will be displayed on this site.

General weather forecast and tides for Harrington and Crowdy Bay are provided by Willyweather.

The Coastal Waters Forecast for the Macquarie Coast is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

1.      Marine Forecast for NSW Macquarie Coast: Smokey Cape to Seal Rocks
2.       Warnings for NSW Coastal Waters
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       Current radar for 256 km from the Newcastle Radar - shows Crowdy Harrington
5.      The Sea Temperatures and Currents as provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.
6.      Forecast and Weather Maps for the next  4 days.
7.      National Wave Forecast as provided by the Bureau of Meteorology
Manly Hydraulics for Crowdy Bay Wave Rider.
Today's weather in Crowdy Head
The local weather for Crowdy Head as published by WillyWeather today!