Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington depend on donations and funds raised by our members.
Donations keep us afloat!
Don't forget to purchase several Art Union tickets - promoted by Marine Rescue NSW.
Tickets $2 each or 3 for $5
With $229,600 prizes up for grabs!
Funds raised from the sale of tickets go directly to the Marine Rescue Units.
We are currently raising fund to replace our radios and aerials so that our coverage will be strengthened.
Taree West Fishing Club has offered to assist in the raising of funds.
Every cent counts so that we can increase our coverage of the river and coast.
We can help to save lives if we can communicate effectively!
Please ensure that you enter " CB "  in the promotional code so that Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington receives the benefit
Our Art Union
Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington is totally a volunteer organisation where members train to effectively operate radios and / or crew our boats to assist the general public if ever they get into trouble at sea or in the Manning River.
However money is always a problem for the team.
Members spend a large amount of time selling tickets, cooking barbques, working at our local markets or bucket collections to raise funds for our current projects.
Recently a large amount was raised to construct a super shed which is currently used as a training facility and storage area for Crowdy 20 and other equipment.
The opening and commissioning of this wonderful facility was attended by senior officers of Marine Rescue NSW and local Members of Parliament and the Minister of Emergency Services, David Elliott