The Base is located on Harrington Breakwall at - 

8/10 Beach Street        
NSW 2427

Phone: +61 2 6556 1564

Our Unit Commander - (Karen Farrell)    phone:  0418 681 210

Our Art Union
Don't forget to purchase several Art Union tickets - promoted by Marine Rescue NSW.
Tickets $2 each or 3 for $5
With $229,600 prizes up for grabs!
Funds raised from the sale of tickets go directly to the Marine Rescue Units.
We are currently raising fund to replace our radios and aerials so that our coverage will be strengthened.
Taree West Fishing Club has offered to assist in the raising of funds.
Every cent counts so that we can increase our coverage of the river and coast.
We can help to save lives if we can communicate effectively!
Please ensure that you add "
CB " in the promotional code so that Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington receives the benefit.