Our Boats
Our Base has two boats on hand for rescue work and training - Crowdy 20 and Crowdy 30.
Both Crowdy 30 and Crowdy 20 are of Naiad construction that has a reputation of being tough and dependable in even the worst conditions at sea.
   These boats are often described as the four wheel dives of the sea.
The Naiad developed in New Zealand has been the world specialist in the design and construction of rigid hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) since the late 1970's. The boats are constructed with  high performance hulls, that have a strong reputation for hull design and strength.
The fenders or sponsons that are relatively cost-effective, are fitted to the hull as non-structural components, easily removed for repair or replacement.
CROWDY 20 - Call sign CB20 - is the smaller of our vessels and performs valuable tasks in the Manning River as well as outside off the Macquarie Coast.
CROWDY 30 - Call sign CB30 is our work horse off the coast of Crowdy Head.
Crowdy 20
Crowdy 30